About Us

Welcome - it's so nice to meet you!
I'm Amber, the one in the company name! 
A little history on us, we are proudly offering kids consignment in the Jacksonville Beaches area. We opened in 2022 and are located in Neptune Beach FL. Consignment has always been a passion of ours and also became an important aspect as our family grew.  My family utilized kids consignment as a constant source for the ever-changing needs of our growing daughter. We know what a critical resource it was for us and how important it is to so many families in our area. Because of this, we felt it was essential to continue this tradition within our local community.  When the kids consignment store we had shopped at announced they were closing, we knew we wanted this concept to continue in the beaches area.  Although we are not the same business, here we are!  Amber's Turn ... carrying on the tradition of kidsconsignment at the beaches with a legacy of sustainability, affordability, and FUN! ♻️🌎🐢

A little about myself, I am a beaches resident and simply adore this area.  I have been in different facets of retail my entire career, from District Manager to Corporate Buyer to Director and VP.  I also have ALWAYS loved a GOOD DEAL!  When I was younger I enjoyed thrifting and "the hunt", which I still do occasionally.  In the past 25 years or so, I discovered consignment which I truly LOVE.  I love it because you can still get the thrill of finding a fantastic deal without having to necessarily go deep on the hunt.  Also, I love the sustainability aspect and appreciate reducing waste where possible.  Since we welcomed our daughter to the family, I found that kids consignment simply makes so much sense.  They grow so fast!   (I know you can relate)

When I am not working, you can find me doing only a handful of things otherwise.  Drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, chilling at the beach or pool, going for a run (I do as many beaches races as I can), hanging with my family, toting my girl around (she is currently into gymnastics and swim), or volunteering for the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol.  
...oh and every once in a while I try to throw in a spa day.

That's me!  I am so excited to meet you, and so very glad you are here!